Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Park City Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving, we spent a couple of days in Park City at the Canyons Resort. It was my mom's timeshare. the cousins were up a few nights which Cadence and Cooper loved!!! We spent a lot of time in water, visited Park City and played around the condo. I am just posting the pictures now and will come back and arrange them later. (I'm on Chris' computer and it doesn't work the way mine does.)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Princess Party and Impactful Dancing

Cadence got invited to her first "Princess Birthday Party" in November. It was for Bridget and it was a surprise party. We borrowed a Tinkerbell dress-up from a friend. Cadence was excited!!!

They decorated foam crowns, and strung beads for a necklace. Cadence had a lot of fun.

Don't the princesses looks so beautiful? Thanks, Bridget and Tina for the fun party!

We left the party a few minutes early to head down to the Impact center for Cadence's dance practice. She had been rehearsing for the Impact program that was supposed to be held the beginning of January.

She loved dancing with a group and she actually learned the dance easily and quite well. She was one of the youngest, but knew what to do. I know she would love to take dance lessons.

Unfortunately, the program was cancelled/postponed and hasn't danced it on a stage. Still, she LOVED the experience! I let her wear the Tinkerbell costume at her practice because it was magical and she is only a kid once.

On the way down the center, Cooper demonstrated on his talents! Do you know what it is? Smiling and....
Sucking on his toes! What a funny kid! I can't help, but adore these two cuties!!!

Cadence, The Photographer

Cadence is always grabbing the camera to take pictures! These are three that she snapped at dinner one night! They are hiliarious! Why will Cooper look at a camera for her, but not for me?

What a funny girl! What a funny family!