Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Pain in the...... Back!

With this second pregnancy, I've had a little more lower back pain than with Cadence. I LOVE those shooting pains going down the back of my legs and throughout my lower back. It probably doesn't help that I have been busy packing boxes, cleaning, planting a garden and carrying around an almost 2-yr-old. Lately, Cadence has also developed sympathy pains. When she is in her car seat, she will start crying "My back. My back hurts" or sometimes when she is laying down in the house. I tell her to touch her back and it will go away. Usually this is true!!! Aren't kids cute! Thanks for sharing the pain Cadence. It makes my life more enjoyable!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Johnnies Travel to Exotic... Boise!

Last weekend, we drove (with my mom accompanying us) to Boise to visit my sister, Natalie. She finally got married to her boyfriend/fiance, Richard, of 5 years!!! We are thrilled for her. Richard is a great guy and we are excited for him to be part of our family. Months ago, we planned to visit for Breelle's dance recital. The weekend was a great break for us and we always love to see family.

Cadence loves Chuck E. Cheese. She was so excited when we drove up. She likes the pizza, but loves the rides. Her favorite thing about coming here is when she gets to give Chuck E. Cheese five - which she did this time.

Breelle was busy winning tickets, but she also had time to ride some rides with Cadence and assist her on skee-ball.

Cadence thought riding Clifford, the big red dog, was so exciting. She was able to make him bark by pushing a button. Does life get better than that?

Cadence put her face upto the plastic to give blowfishes to me, her mom. Isn't she sweet, and beautiful?

Cadence is sneaking a kiss with Chuck E. Cheese while she is driving!!! Watch out! Crazy driver on the road!

Breelle, Grammy and Cadence posing in front of Chuck E. Cheese. Cadence holding a much deserved sucker earned by tickets!!!

Cadence is scared by the "fake," mechanical Chuck E. Cheese, but likes the person dressed up as Chuck E. Cheese. She is silly! She talks about giving five to Chuck E. Cheese for days after she gets that opportunity.

Richard and Chris caught 12 Kokane Salmon fishing in just a couple of hours on a lake. Then they waded through the Snake River attempting to catch some catfish and bass. They only caught a couple little bass before heading back for Breelle's dance recital. The salmon tasted so yummy when Richard cooked them on Sunday. (Look at Chris' tan line in the bottom photo! He got some sun! And yes, black people do burn and tan - maybe it is called blacken!!!)

Natalie, Breelle and Cadence before the recital, "Alice in Wonderland." Breelle danced as a graceful, beautiful rabbit.

When somebody asks Cadence what Breelle was dressed as, Cadence would point to her nose. She really was impressed with Breelle's face paint.

Breelle after her recital getting flowers on stage.
Cadence was extremely disappointed that she could NOT go on stage and dance with all the other dancers during the recitals. She cried and kept saying, "Stage. Dance. On Stage." After the recital, she congradulated Breelle on stage and 'shook her bootie" which she is doing in this picture. She also knows how to dance like a ballerina by putting her hands over her head and turning in circles. This girl has got the rhythm! She wants to take dance now!!!

Cadence fell asleep on the floor for her Sunday nap. Jack, Richard's dog, cuddled up next to Cadence to take his nap. Jack is such a good dog.

Can you get pictures more sweet than this without posing?

Cadence loves playing with older kids. Breelle and her had so much fun at the park and playing around the house! Thanks for a great vacation to Boise!!! We are excited for next time!

Cadence Talks So cute!

Some days, I believe that Cadence is the cutest little talker in the whole world. She says the funniest things. She also knows how to say things to get what she wants. The following are little examples of what she says that makes me laugh.

*"Hold you me." This is what Cadence says when she wants Mom or Dad to pick her up.

*"And dis. And dis." When she doesn't have the words to explain an action or something that has happened or when she is in a hurry to tell/show something, she says "And dis." and acts it out!

*"Lemalade, please." This is how Cadence requests lemonade.

*"I bite the hand." Cadence's favorite line from the lion movie, Madagascar. She doesn't know what it means, but likes to say it.

*"Daddy's noring." Cadence doesn't say the 's' sound on the beginning of her words. While attempting to fall asleep while visiting my sister, Natalie, her new husband, Richard, and my niece, Breelle, in Boise, Cadence kept talking, talking and squirming around. Chris had already fallen asleep and was snoring. Cadence thought it was so weird and just kept repeating, "Daddy's noring." I would sing "It's raining. It's pouring. The old man is snoring!!!"

*"It hurts!" is Cadence's reply to anything she doesn't want to do or to have us do to her. She says it when we touch her hair, change her diaper, change her clothes, put on shoes, buckle her in her seatbelt, etc. She says it so cute because she can't say her 'r' sound correctly yet.

*"Because" is Cadence's answer for many "Why?" questions. I will ask her why she did something and her reply is "Because." She is already making so much sense with logic!!!

*"Oh my gosssss!" Cadence has dropped "Oh my Goodness" and started saying "Oh my gosssss." She holds the 's' for a while.

Cadence Names the Baby!!!

That's right!!! We have a name for the baby finally! The other night, Chris and I were briefly talking about what to name our baby boy. Nothing came up for us. We still didn't have any ideas. Sitting on the bed next us, I asked Cadence, "What should we name the baby?" She thought for a moment and replied, "DRAGON." We laughed and agreed the baby will be named Dragon....for a while. The babysitter's son has a dragon animal and a book about a dragon which they have been playing with lately. A couple of days ago, they checked out another book from the library with a dragon breathing fire in it and Cadence has added the word 'angry' to her vocabulary. Sometimes the baby is "Dragon" and sometimes it is "Angry Dragon." For now, we will call him Dragon, but are still looking for a long-term name for our son. Any ideas? I will buy mint Oreos if anyone comes up for a name for Baby that we use.

Monday, May 19, 2008

My Desire to BLOG!!!

Here I go!!! I'm excited to start blogging. I once had a dream that I would be a great scrapbooker and make these cute pages and books for vacations, memories, family and especially my kids - Cadence, at the current time. However, that hasn't happened. I am just not artistic and creative enough to do it. I am hoping that through blogging, I can capture the memories, milestones and activities of my family and form a yearly journal where we can all look back and remember the events of our lives and the many stages we go through. Whether anyone reads this or not, I feel better knowing that I have attempted to capture my life in written form. I DO hope that family and friends will stay in touch with us through this blog and that they will feel more connected to us because of this new technology. I am new at this, so bear with me as I experiment and learn.

From this time forward, I will BLOG!!!
Michelle Johnnie