Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year for Halloween, I suggested to the kids that they be Mickey and Minnie with the clothes I made for our Disneyland vacation. They thought that was a good idea......for a while. That saved me having to make or find new ones!!!
We were invited to a Halloween party at Groll's house and I went to D.I. to find a robe to finish off Chris' wizard costume. I found a graduation gown for $2. Good enough! I also looked at a lot of the kids costumes too. They were cheap ($2-$4) so I bought some for dress-up. Cooper LOVED the Spiderman costume and Cadence loved the skeleton. Her friends, Jack and Piper, were skeletons this year and I think that she wanted to be like them. They switched their costumes to skeleton and Spiderman. I ran out to the barn and grabbed some of my mom's clothes from the 70's. I should have put on Cadence's Minnine ears because then I could have been a Minnie from the 70's instead of "being my mom 30 years ago".

It rained on Halloween. We went to the church for dinner and Trunk-or-treating and then knocked on about 15 doors. I think trick-or-treating is the best thing about Halloween. I love snitching a few candy bars from the kids:) Here the kids are posing in front the big wooden bear Justin and Ruth (our former neighbors) left for us. The kids put spiderwebs all over it.

Carving pumpkins was a huge hit. The kids painted some at Montessori and carved one at home. They loved the candles inside!

Since Halloween was on a Sunday (and we participated in most Halloween celebrations on Saturday) I decided to make Dinner in a Pumpkin for Sunday. I was a little nervous, but it turned out great. Basically, I made this casserole type mixture and then baked it inside a pumpkin for 2 hours. The pumpkin bakes down. When you scrap out the mixture, you also scrap out the pumpkin and eat it. It tasted good. Pumpkin tastes a lot like squash! HERE is the recipe I used. I think I will make Dinner In A Pumpkin a yearly tradition.