Sunday, June 27, 2010

Snowbird Part One

We went on our yearly vacation to Snowbird in June! I'm so grateful that Mom has timeshares that are close because these are our vacations and most of the cousins can meet us there!

Of course, we went swimming at least once a day! I'm glad Chris stay with us for a couple days.
Cooper is not afraid of the water. And he loves to "cheese" every picture!
Unfortunately, Cadence is a little more cautious in the water. Though she put her face in the water, she doesn't like splashing or getting her face wet often. All the progress she made in swimming lessons was lost:( She wouldn't attempt to float on her back or stomach!
But she did like to lay on the tile and model. Isn't she a cutie? Maybe too cute!

They loved Dad playing in the pool with them!

I love this picture! My three loves!
Cooper loved the balls, noodles, and his floatie. He didn't want me to touch him. When he would lose his footing and go underwater, we had to teach him to put his feet down and stand up. I had to pull him out of the water quite a few times. I can see how a little kid could drowned in shallow water very easily without supervision:(

He had no problem with splashing! He liked it quite a bit!
Riding the big horse!

There was lots of fun with the cousins! My kids LOVE their cousins!
We went exploring. The kids liked the Cliff Lodge and all the fancy things there!

On vacations, there are always a lot of snacks. Cooper had fun eating spaghetti!
All the kids enjoyed making flowers, and designs out of play dough. It doesn't matter how old they get, play dough is always fun!!!

Because there was still snow on the trail, only some of us walked over to the look out point.
Breelle hadn't been to Snowbird in years and thought it was so beautiful!
Cadence loves to take pictures! She had to take 20 of me being goofy!
My girl! I love this princess!

Has This Ever Happened To You?

A couple of weeks ago, after driving back from Sandy, I turned around to see Cadence asleep like this!!! She had fallen asleep with a balloon hanging out of the mouth! Even after Chris opened the door, the balloon was still there and her book was open!

Oh what a silly girl! You gotta love the silly things kids do!

Art On The Lawn

On Saturday, we were invited to Art on the Lawn in North Logan by Tyler and Schleen, Chris' friends from the 26th Ward (his former beloved singles ward.) There is an art show/sale on the front lawn of the former mayor's house! (Obviously, it is a huge front lawn.)

The kids had a lot of fun participating in art activities for kids. They got to make something out of a lump of clay!

Cooper was proud of his snake! Yes, that is a snake in his hands!!! (Notice the paint all over his arms.)

Cadence was smitten with her bird nest! She thought it was the coolest bird nest ever made!

They also LOVED painting on a canvas! The aprons were a bit large, but mostly did the job of keeping the paint of their clothes, (but not their arms)!

Cadence took the painting very seriously. She changed techniques and colors a few different times!

Incredible abstract artwork!!!!
Cooper just loved painting the canvas and then leaning on it with his arms!!! You gotta love his classic smile. Eyes shut! Cheesy grin!
Hopefully, we will make this a yearly tradition! (I didn't get one picture with Tyler's and Schleen's kids! Whoops!) Thanks for inviting us!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Fathers in My Life!

I am really lucky to have great Fathers in my life!

I am very blessed to have an amazing dad who loved my mom, my siblings and me with all that he had! From almost every sporting events to award ceremonies, my dad was there. He loved me not only when life seemed perfect, but also when my world was falling apart and I was down in the dumps. There are so many things I learned from him. Cancer took him from this earthly life over 8 years ago. I miss him, but I believe in eternal families and therefore, I know I will see him again! He never got to meet my husband or kids:( Oh, how I wish my kids would have got to have him for a grandpa here on earth!!! Luckily, I still feel his presence and know he is watching over us!

I am very blessed to be married to a man who is an amazing father! I am so impressed with the dad he is.
Chris lets the kids assist him in almost every task - including mowing the lawn.
He's the kind of dad that when the sewer gets clogged, instead of calling a plumber he rents a roto-router machine and lets the kids watch him while he has A LOT of fun using it! The kids (in the backgound) loved it!
Chris signed the kids up for swimming lessons and him and I had to take turns in the "mommy-and-me" classes!
Knowing we have lots of projects around this old house, he bought the kids safety googles and adapts tools so they can participate and be protected.
He loves to take the kids on tractors, lawnmowers and even lets them drive (our car! Don't tell the police!)

Chris teaches the kids so many fun things like flying kites and making drums from cow hides. Cadence has so much fun on daddy-daughter dates that Cooper insists on having daddy-daughter dates instead of father-son moments!!!!

He gets off work to attend Cadence's pre-school graduation!
He the kind of dad that will take the kids and dance in front of a large audience. He used to think I was crazy when I did this kind of thing, but now he joins in and loves it!
He lets the kids work on the house with us! We would definitely get done more quickly without them "helping," but he realizes that these are quality moments and great learning experiences for them. Chris goes a long with crazy ideas for church talent shows and other activities! Seriously, how many dads will do a synchronized swimming skit (which we did this year)?

HERE was our talent show dance we performed last year. What a great dad!!!

My husband is also a man of God. He found the church when he was 22-yrs-old. He was a missionary from age 24 to 26. Today, he was called to be on the High Council. He sets a great example for the kids and everyone else around him. You can find him doing service a couple of times a week!

And because of him, I know the greatest joy that comes from being a mom and having these two angelic kids!!!
Like I said, I'm a very blessed lady! I'm thrilled that I belong with these three for eternity!!! Thanks for being such a wonderful father, husband and person, Chris!!!

And last, but not least, I am blessed to know that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me very much too! God is definitely good to me. I feel enormous peace and happiness that comes because of my knowledge of him.

I wish you all a Happy Father's Day as you celebrate the Fathers in your life. And if by some chance, you do not have an amazing relationship with your dad or husband, I know there is a God who loves you! He cares about you!