Friday, November 6, 2009

Homecoming Parade

We took the kids to the USU Homecoming parade at the beginning of October. The weather was awesome. Notice the kids are in shorts and short-sleeve shirts. Cooper really loved the parade. There was so much candy thrown and the kids cleaned up. The nearly filled the Cadence's backpack. I thought we should save the candy to give away at Halloween, but we ate it all (minus the candy we gave away to other kids)! When there was music, the kids would dance, dance, dance. Everyone loved watching them bounce to the music!!!
They waved at all the floats especially if there were animals on it!
Parades are so fun. I would take the kids to one every month if I could find one. They love them!!!
Unfortunately, this is the only Homecoming activity we participated in. There were many fewer activities this year for the kids when compared to last year.

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