Sunday, June 27, 2010

Art On The Lawn

On Saturday, we were invited to Art on the Lawn in North Logan by Tyler and Schleen, Chris' friends from the 26th Ward (his former beloved singles ward.) There is an art show/sale on the front lawn of the former mayor's house! (Obviously, it is a huge front lawn.)

The kids had a lot of fun participating in art activities for kids. They got to make something out of a lump of clay!

Cooper was proud of his snake! Yes, that is a snake in his hands!!! (Notice the paint all over his arms.)

Cadence was smitten with her bird nest! She thought it was the coolest bird nest ever made!

They also LOVED painting on a canvas! The aprons were a bit large, but mostly did the job of keeping the paint of their clothes, (but not their arms)!

Cadence took the painting very seriously. She changed techniques and colors a few different times!

Incredible abstract artwork!!!!
Cooper just loved painting the canvas and then leaning on it with his arms!!! You gotta love his classic smile. Eyes shut! Cheesy grin!
Hopefully, we will make this a yearly tradition! (I didn't get one picture with Tyler's and Schleen's kids! Whoops!) Thanks for inviting us!


Bamamoma said...

cool. I saw signs for parking (when I was out doing the Parade of Homes) and wondered what "Art on the Lawn" was. Now I know and now I wish I'd gone!

Aaron and crystal said...

What a fantastic Idea! Both of them look like they had a blast :)