Friday, August 27, 2010


When Summerfest rolls into town, we take a night to head over to look at the arts and crafts, eat some food and listen to the music. When we first got married, Chris would never come dance or be crazy with me. But now that we have kids, he will relax and have some fun! It was a salsa band and the music was awesome for dancing!

Cadence didn't love the loud music in the beginning, but she warmed up to dancing and had a TON of fun moving on Dad's shoulders. Cooper didn't love the loud music and stayed in the back. Chris and I took turns dancing in the front and the back!

At first, we were some of the only adults up dancing, but I saw some lovely ladies from my ward and pulled them up to dance! They had a ton of fun! I don't get why people are so afraid to get up in front of a crowd and be crazy! It is fun! You gotta love Teri and Estella!
You go to love Summerfest!

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Heather said...

There is no one better than you to get people up and crazy!! I miss those days. You are awesome. Do you remember going Latin Dancing down here in Salt Lake. That was fun and I had no idea what I was doing.