Monday, March 14, 2011

Hula Hooping Cadence In The News!

Cadence was invited by our good friend (and my former student), Jen, to participate in the Special Needs talent show. Jen was going to hula hoop and wanted others to join her. Cadence was up for the fun. We found a hula hoop at DI a few days before the big event for a $1. Coincidence? I think not:)!!!!
Cadence really enjoyed participating and did a great job along with Jen and the rest of the crew. I got it on video and she had to watch it a few times before she went to bed!

The hula hoop act made the front page of one of the sections on the local newspaper, The Herald Journal. Here is the link!

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Camille said...

Hurray for Cadence!!! Love that girl. Oh, by the by, you were featured on my blog thanks to your awesome St. Patty's day rainbow last year. Hope you are feeling better. Excited to see your baby!!!