Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bringing Grammy Home

Three weeks ago, my mom was able to leave my sister's house, where she's stayed for the last month, and go home. Her broken ribs and pelvis are healing and she's feeling much better. She walks without a walker!!! I picked her up and drove her to her doctor's appt in Sandy. After that, we stayed at her house for 5 days assisting her in getting used to home and being on her own again. I stocked her fridge, made meals, did laundry, cleaned, ran errands, and entertained the kids. (I should say, I attempted to stop Cooper from destroying Grammy's house.) While we were there, the kids and I (and Grammy) had a lot of fun.

We ate at McDonald's, played at Chuck E. Cheese, drove on Charles' tractor, feed the sheep apples,
swung in Grammy's huge tire swing,
ate lots and lots of grapes off the vines,
ate and played at Burger King,
discovered the inside of the dryer, (Cooper first, then Cadence)
and drove on a Sunday evening temple trip.

How cool is it that Grammy lives within 15 miles from 4 different temples? First, we visited the Draper Temple. SO beautiful up on the bench (surrounded by ENORMOUS houses)!!! Cooper fell asleep in the car.

Cadence practiced her modeling skills while wearing her princess shoes. She cracks me up!!!
Then, we drove to the Oquirrh Hills Temple. Cooper woke up! Walking around the temples was quite enjoyable!!!
I wish we could have gone through this temple during the open house. Poor planning on my part. On our way home, we stopped in front of the Jordan River Temple for the kids to see.

Gorgeous places!!!

Grammy is now back to work and doing well. Gratefully, she only broke her pelvis, not her hip. She has many people at home who care about and are watching over her. Let's hope this is the last big accident she has for 20 years!!!!

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Tara Bergsjo said...

I am so glad she is doing better. And what a wonderful daughter you are to be so helpful!