Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Recent Going Ons

I'm so behind on our life. The kids are growing and changing so much so quickly and I haven't posted it. I'm a slacker and feel discouraged because of my ineffectiveness and inefficientness. I just don't get anything done!

The following are some of the pictures I have taken in the past month that are especially noteworthy. Some things I want to remember. Here we go!I have started taking Cadence and Cooper to the FIRC for storytime again. We go with Cadence's best friend ever - Jack! When Cadence was a baby, Jack's mom, Heidi, was her babysitter for the 2 hours I worked at Wilson. When Piper was born, I started taking her to Camille's. Now Jack and her are the BEST of friends. She is seriously depressed if Jack doesn't make it to storytime or if she doesn't get to play with Jack at least once a week. Of all the friends that Cadence has ever had, she gets along the best with Jack! They are so silly together. Heidi is one of the sweetest, most kind people I have ever met. I am SO GRATEFUL for her friendship! Picture taken by Cadence!
Chris was assisting in painting a lady in our ward's house. Cadence begged to come along. She really enjoyed her first "painting service project." She is a good little helper!
Cadence enjoys playing dress up and singing made up songs. Here cousins dressed her up in this gypsy looking outfit. I think she looks adorable. Unfortunately, we don't have a ton of dress up clothes, but we use what we have!
Cooper is growing and changing so quickly. He is such a cute boy and I can't stop kissing him! I found this cute little onesie outfit at the thrift store for a quarter. I love it on him. He is full of curiousity and keeps me busy and on my toes! I love this stage of life (but still wish I could get stuff done.)
Some friends gave us this put-under-your-washer-thing, but it doesn't fit. It is outback. Cooper enjoys crawling around it in and Cadence likes to climb on top of it. I just think it is a cute picture!
Chris changed the brake pads (or something like that) on the truck. Cooper and Cadence had to be right there assisting him. Cooper would pick up the wrench and bang on the wheels and hubcaps. He catches on quickly!!! Like father, like son.
Because the weather is getting cooler and the days shorter, we emptied the pool. The kids had an absolutely blast laying on the side of the pool while the water flowed out! I think they had more fun doing this than actually swimming in it:)
Cadence picked out a bike helmet with flames. Although she is still intimidated by her bike (due to the slopping sidewalks that cause her to tip), she loves to ride it around. For a couple of nights, we rode bikes (mom or dad on a bike with Cooper in the burley) and the other walking/running next to Cadence so she felt secure. We rode around the block, in ever circle, etc. When Dad got home, it was time to ride bikes. I wish we had better, safer sidewalks:)
A silly thing that Cooper loves to do for many meals is wipe his dinner all over his face AND hair!!! He is such an insane eater. Unfortunately, he will NOT wear a bib. He rips them off or moves them to the side so he can get his clothes dirty! Silly rascal!!! He laughs when I tell him not to!


amelia and crew said...

Great up-date. I can't wait to play again! The pic of Cadence on her bike is priceless!

Kristina P. said...

I can't believe how big they are!

My SIL is pregnant with a little girl, and we were talking about the names they are thinking about, which, of course, are crazy with crazy spellings.

But one of them is Cadence, which I really like and is actually normal!

McKinley said...

I hope that Cadence liked dressing up and doing the fashion show with us! :)


Tara Bergsjo said...

Your kids are so awesome! Even though you feel like you can't get things done, remember it is because you are letting things go, because you are a great and fun mom!!! Thanks for thinking about Ryan for play dates. I get so busy I am not good at remembering!!