Sunday, September 4, 2011

Remington is Two Months!!! (And his Birth Pictures)

I'm sitting here in shock because I took Remington to his 2-month appt. today! My tiny, precious newborn is two months old!!!! He's as healthy as a horse and gaining a lot of weight (12 lbs. 6 oz). I'm grateful for a healthy baby who is so so so easy going and good. That makes life much easier. He loves to be held and wants to be around people (especially me)! I'm in love!

We will be blessing Remington in our church in Sunday. I'm excited to see him in his dapper white tuxedo. I'll have to post some pictures next week!

I realize that I never have posted his adorable infant pictures. My friend, Tina, of Pristine Photo took them! I think they turned out great!

This is my favorite picture. Cooper, my three year old, loves tractors and trucks. I grabbed this Tonka on the way out the door as we were going to the photo shoot. I was hoping he would fit in the back! He DID! Barely!!!

Tina bought this 100 year old baby buggy a few days before the photo shoot! It is a great prop! We got so many cute ones of Remington in the buggy. Most of them are up closer, but I just had to have one of the entire buggy!

I learned quite a few photography tricks while Tina shot the photos. I love head shots of babies resting on their hands! What a handsome boy!

My kids' favorite photo was when Remington decided to pee right after this shot. Let's just say he sprung a major leak up in the air and Tina caught it on camera! So funny!

I got 30 awesome pictures of Baby Remington! You can see a few more HERE. I'm grateful for the 2 hours that Pristine Photo took capturing the perfect poses of my precious 8-day-old baby! With my first two kids, I just got the 30-minute session at JC Penney. While I liked the pictures, I really wish I would have gotten some amazing pictures like these! I love Pristine Photo and highly recommend Tina for any and all your photography needs!

Here is Cooper and Remington and Cadence now! At two months, Remington is alert, interacting, starting to smile and coo, and the center of our universe! We love having a baby at our house.

He is such a sweet little monkey! We love you, Remington!


Tara Bergsjo said...

very cute!

zeebee said...

so adorable! a huge congrats to you, I am so happy to hear he is so easy going.

jefferies said...

Great pictures Michelle! What an super adorable baby you have!