Sunday, September 30, 2012

My life the past year.

It's crazy how life changes.  I haven't blogged on this blog for a year!  It's make me sad that I haven't recorded some of the events and posted pictures of cute Remington growing up!   He is a handsome boy now - 15 months.   He signs and is starting to say a few words.   Cadence is doing amazing in 1st grade and Cooper is loving his pre-school.  

I have been busy building a business with Paparazzi Accessories.   It has been good for us financially.  It does take time and requires sacrifice, but that comes with every business or job.   I guess it is better than going back to teaching full-time.  I've been very successful with this cute $5 jewelry and feel very blessed to be in the position I am in.  I have a big team and I do a lot of parties.  So I make money both through selling and leading a team.  

This is me at the convention in Las Vegas.  Because of my rank in the company, I had to walk the runway.  It's totally not my thing, but I made it fun and was silly.  So sense in being serious!

The next couple of months will be busy for me.  I guess it is good that Chris isn't working right now because I will be out of town for about 12 days this month.  I'm doing the Ultimate Women's Expos in San Francisco, Phoenix and Los Angeles. It is crazy how life changes.

If anyone wants a party, let me know.  I can do one or I can refer it out to one of my team members.   If  you know anyone who is looking to earn some extra cash or build a profitable business, the commission is 45% and it is still a new company!

You can read about becoming a consultant on my Paparazzi Accessories and Jewelry site.  I will be opening my website back up for selling it soon,  You can buy some great $5 presents at Jewelry For Five.

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