Monday, May 19, 2008

My Desire to BLOG!!!

Here I go!!! I'm excited to start blogging. I once had a dream that I would be a great scrapbooker and make these cute pages and books for vacations, memories, family and especially my kids - Cadence, at the current time. However, that hasn't happened. I am just not artistic and creative enough to do it. I am hoping that through blogging, I can capture the memories, milestones and activities of my family and form a yearly journal where we can all look back and remember the events of our lives and the many stages we go through. Whether anyone reads this or not, I feel better knowing that I have attempted to capture my life in written form. I DO hope that family and friends will stay in touch with us through this blog and that they will feel more connected to us because of this new technology. I am new at this, so bear with me as I experiment and learn.

From this time forward, I will BLOG!!!
Michelle Johnnie

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Ker-Dog and the gang said...

Yeah! The Johnnie's have a blog! I love the name. I am excited to check in and keep updated with you all. I hope baby#2 is doing well and that you're feeling great!