Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cadence Talks So cute!

Some days, I believe that Cadence is the cutest little talker in the whole world. She says the funniest things. She also knows how to say things to get what she wants. The following are little examples of what she says that makes me laugh.

*"Hold you me." This is what Cadence says when she wants Mom or Dad to pick her up.

*"And dis. And dis." When she doesn't have the words to explain an action or something that has happened or when she is in a hurry to tell/show something, she says "And dis." and acts it out!

*"Lemalade, please." This is how Cadence requests lemonade.

*"I bite the hand." Cadence's favorite line from the lion movie, Madagascar. She doesn't know what it means, but likes to say it.

*"Daddy's noring." Cadence doesn't say the 's' sound on the beginning of her words. While attempting to fall asleep while visiting my sister, Natalie, her new husband, Richard, and my niece, Breelle, in Boise, Cadence kept talking, talking and squirming around. Chris had already fallen asleep and was snoring. Cadence thought it was so weird and just kept repeating, "Daddy's noring." I would sing "It's raining. It's pouring. The old man is snoring!!!"

*"It hurts!" is Cadence's reply to anything she doesn't want to do or to have us do to her. She says it when we touch her hair, change her diaper, change her clothes, put on shoes, buckle her in her seatbelt, etc. She says it so cute because she can't say her 'r' sound correctly yet.

*"Because" is Cadence's answer for many "Why?" questions. I will ask her why she did something and her reply is "Because." She is already making so much sense with logic!!!

*"Oh my gosssss!" Cadence has dropped "Oh my Goodness" and started saying "Oh my gosssss." She holds the 's' for a while.

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