Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cadence Names the Baby!!!

That's right!!! We have a name for the baby finally! The other night, Chris and I were briefly talking about what to name our baby boy. Nothing came up for us. We still didn't have any ideas. Sitting on the bed next us, I asked Cadence, "What should we name the baby?" She thought for a moment and replied, "DRAGON." We laughed and agreed the baby will be named Dragon....for a while. The babysitter's son has a dragon animal and a book about a dragon which they have been playing with lately. A couple of days ago, they checked out another book from the library with a dragon breathing fire in it and Cadence has added the word 'angry' to her vocabulary. Sometimes the baby is "Dragon" and sometimes it is "Angry Dragon." For now, we will call him Dragon, but are still looking for a long-term name for our son. Any ideas? I will buy mint Oreos if anyone comes up for a name for Baby that we use.


Ker-Dog and the gang said...

Dragon is an AWESOME name. maybe you could use some sort of offshoot...Ragon, Dagon, Dray, Nogard (dragon backwards). Cadence is so dang cute!

lamasmama said...

That is really funny. I think you should call him Dragon. Or maybe Johnny.
I want to name one of my boys Hunter or Maxwell after the prophet and apostle that I love dearly.
I am glad you have a blog. I am trying to start onr soon so I will keep you posted.