Thursday, October 1, 2009

We're Dating!

Since I never "dated" before I/we got married, I know the title of this post is shocking. "Dating" is such a serious word. I much preferred just to "hang out." Chris and I have started dating. He has been the instigator of this. At first, I was a little intimidated to accept his invitation, but now I am opening up to "dating." It is good for us to be away from the kids every once in a while.

We've only been on a few dates, but they have all been interesting and surprising. He won't tell me before what we are doing. Once he took me to the golfing range to hit some golf balls. I totally missing the ball. I will never be a professional golfer. It is fun, but golfing is not my best sport. Look at that form! I would cheer every time I actually hit it into the air!
Chris is pretty good at hitting the ball. He is able to hit it far and high. I wanted him to hit the little golf cart guy, but he didn't. What a man!

Recently, he took me on another memorable date. We drove to our duplex. I saw ducks in the backyard and commented about them. He said, "There's going to be a killing tonight." What!!!! Yes, for our date, Chris slaughtered two domesticated ducks.
He hit them over the head with rebar, smashing their brains. Their bodies were twitching for minutes afterwards. Then he wrung their necks, plucked their breast feathers and cut out the breast! Seriously romantic. I watched with shock! Although looking at the insides and identifying the organs were interesting, I would have preferred to feeding ducks at a pond or something.
The worst part about dating is finding someone to watch the kids on a Friday night. Paying someone costs a lot of money and I feel bad asking people to do it for free. If anyone wants to be in a date/babysit co-op, we are looking for people who will watch kids one friday night a month and get 3 Friday nights free for dating. I'm looking forward to some more fun dates!!!


Tara Bergsjo said...

Please call us anytime you need a sitter! My kids love playing with both of your cute kids. If we are not doing anything I would LOVE to watch them for FREE without anything in return!! The only rule is, you CAN'T feel guilty!! So please please call me!!!

amelia and crew said...

First date sounded fun. Second date. Not so fun.
I would be careful if I were you. This "dating" thing might lead to more serious commitments.

Jen said...

Fun dates!

Mary Lampros said...

Wish we lived closer so we could join your co-op! I am still reeling over hearing about your duck-killing date...what a night!

Lynette said...

Those are pretty awesome dates. I would love to watch your kids sometime! We owe you for that fabulous dessert anyways! I have lots of fun stuff your kids and I could do together, so give me a call sometime. And next time I see you, remind me to give you my real number! :)

Jacqui said...

Only with Chris...I remember some pretty inventive things I did with him after I found my own I could tag along. Never a dull moment! He's so awesome!

(: McKinley Lawrence :) said...

I would love to baby-sit Cooper and Cadence! I could come up and then sleep over!!!!!!!!! Just Kidding..........maybe. That is sad that the ducks got killed.........DID YOU EAT IT???


Arya said...

Dating is sooo much fun and I miss doing date night with hubby. We really need to start doing it again.

I love the diversity of your dates and hope that you find someone to swap kid watching with - it really is important to have some alone time with your hubby w/o the kids.

btw thank you for stopping by my blog. I have enjoyed visiting yours.

zeebee said...

Oh my about the duck killing.

I would love to do the Friday night date co-op with you guys!! We do it with a few families in our neighborhood and it is seriously the BEST thing ever! Can't beat a free date night every Friday right? And the kids call it Babysitting Club and they love going to hang out with their friends. Miss you guys.