Thursday, October 29, 2009

Little Updates

I have been so bad about updating our family blog lately. I am kicking myself for not writing more. A few days ago, I looked at pictures from last Halloween. The kids were so little. I will do better at keeping up with recording the growth of the kids and the going-ons of our family. Here are a few things that happened last month or even before that.

This summer we made a few home improvements. We got a ceiling fan for our living room. It looks and feels so nice. After five years of marriage, we got a dishwasher. And we got a new window in the kitchen. We can actually see out of it clearly and the wind doesn't come it!!!! Even though it has been months since Chris installed the dishwasher, the box is still in the house. It has been a great toy and place for the kids to hide. At least once a day, Cadence climbs in the box and yells for me to come find her. Cooper loves to point out where Cadence is. This box will stay around for many more months (if not years)!!!

There was a small windstorm and it blew down one of the big junk trees. Luckily, it was just a few feet too short to hit our neighbor's garage. One year ago, there were 3 of these trees. Now only one is left and it is weak. It broke a huge branch about 5 years ago. The kids were actually really great help cleaning it up and hauling it away. They stacked the cut up branches in the wagon to haul over to the firewood pile.

My friend, Karah, from Impact, brought her two daughters up for dinner and fun. We took the kids to the zoo. Cooper loves the monkeys and signs 'monkey' so well and hilariously.

Looking at the birds and swinging on the swings made for a very enjoyable night!!!

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