Thursday, October 22, 2009

Toys Down the Stairs

I love having the toy rooms (all 3 or 4 of them) at our house upstairs. When kids come over, I send them upstairs. All too often a few toys, stuffed animals or balls find their way down the stairs. Unfortunately, Cooper has decided that one of his new favorite games to play is throw EVERYTHING down the stairs. This is one day of playing that game.

What kind of mom am I to let my kids do this? I know that I will be the one bringing up the majority of the items, but they find such joy in watching the animals do cartwheels and the babies bouncing head over heels that I just can't find it in myself to stop them:) They are only kids for a little while!!!
Actually, I do tell them that only things that are soft can bounce down the stairs, and gratefully, they follow my direction. I don't think our downstairs tennants or the stairs would enjoy a few of the hard, plastic, metal, extra large items that Cooper has attempted to drag out into the hall for launch!

Not sure why this picture is upside down, but the kids are so happy! When you come over and see toys scattered through our house, you will have a better understanding why this is so!!!


amelia and crew said...

Too funny! It's the little things, right? Glad to see your mom looking/feeling better.

Lynette said...

That's so funny! Maybe that's why we didn't have stairs in my house when I was little! But when we did, we'd sneak the sleeping bags out when the parents were gone and slide down until the minute they got home!