Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cousins Forever

In the beginning of November, we drove to Grammy's house for the weekend. Cadence and Cooper are ALWAYS excited to go there. They love Grammy and they love when the cousins are there. This trip was no exception. Some of the cousins showed up for a day of fun! First, we raked A LOT of leaves in the backyard and played in them.
The pile was over my head!!! We could have played hide-n-go-seek in the pile of leaves!!!

Next, the kids built a "marble machine" out of tinker toys. With Grammy's large bucket of marbles, the kids would put them in on one end and watch them come out the other. Hours of fun!!!

In the evening, we played at the park. Cooper was enthralled by the big drainage system grate.

The other kids joined him in looking down it for a while.
Besides playing on the playground, Rolling down the hills and getting dizzy was also a blast. They thought is was so fun to stand up and walk crazy!
Lastly, climbing in the trees was a first, but definitely not a last for Cadence. Cole and Syd climbed higher than Cadence and Cooper, but they loved it! Many modeling poses were taken of the gang!

Even Grammy got in on a few! Such cute kids!
Cousins will forever be loved by Cadence and Cooper!

I had to include this picture of Chris and Cadence taking a nap together! SO cute!


thegardnerthree said...

Love you! You are such a FUN mommy!!!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

What a gorgeous family!
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