Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's Raining Leaves

After stake conference, we walked through the nature park that is just down the street from the stake center. This bridge crosses the Logan River and there were a ton of leaves on it. We gathered them in our arms. Threw them up in the air!!!!And it rained leaves. (Ok! So you notice I'm not in the picture below, but am in the top two pictures. My mom was with us and took the first two pictures. She didn't capture the leaves in the air, so Chris and the kids did it and I got a picture!)
The kids enjoys putting leaves in Chris' afro! He kind of looked like a horned devil.
They also loved pushing the leaves off the bridge into the river below and watching them float away.
Chris made it rain for leaves! They thought it was hilarious!

Have I mentioned how much fun the leaves are during fall?

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