Sunday, January 3, 2010


When I asked Cadence what she wanted to be for Halloween, she said a spider. I think she said this because I found a spider costume at a garage sale for $1 and we play "Little Miss Muffet" and other spider games in it. I gave her some other ideas of things she could be, but she insisted on being a spider. Easy!!! Cooper had been given a gorilla costume with some hand-me-downs when he was born and he was the cutest little gorilla ever. ( He keeps wanting to wear the coat and pants outside and I let him. Nothing wrong with having fun in life.)
Chris grew an afro and then had me cut it into a mohawk. He was... Mr. T!!!

"Don't mess with the fool!"
Our ward party was Halloween night and I hadn't bothered to find a costume this year. Cadence said I had to be something so I grabbed the same chicken head as last year and was the crazy chicken. Cadence wanted her face painted to have 8 eyes and be red like her costume. This is our family picture.

The kids enjoyed painting, fishing, playing games, eating junk and eating the chili and cornbread for dinner.This is a cute picture of Chris and Cadence.
After the party, we headed out trick-or-tricking. It was relatively warm. Cadence was exhausted after about 30 minutes. She rode in the stroller and almost fell asleep. Cooper was downing the candy as fast as he could. What a fun holiday!!!


Kristina P. said...

Oh my gosh, you guys all look awesome!

Chris looks amazing!

Camille said...

AAHHH!! I am so mad we were sick this year! I can't believe I missed MR.T!!! I am still giggling. That is super AWESOME!!!