Sunday, February 22, 2009

One Leaves, One Joins

Last Sunday, we attended Thomas Fredrickson's farewell. Cadence loves Thomas and his girlfriend, Sharli. She will miss him every time we go to Mimi's house for the next two years. We visited them on Monday and she asked where Thomas was. She knows that he is a "missionary teaching people about Jesus." Goodbye and good luck in Brazil!!! Last Saturday, a lady I visit teach got baptized. She just came from Samoa about 2 months ago to live with her auntie. Hallelujah and Cecil (her nephew) have come to play before. She is such a sweetie! She started taking the discussions and 10 days later was baptized!
I offered to have a congratulatory party at our house afterwards and the Dobbs took me up on the offer. So I baked yummy cupcakes - a batch of chocolate w/ chocolate frosting and sourcream strawberry w/ raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting. Especially moist and delish! Some of her friends and our ward family came. Since we moved upstairs, we have people over all the time. The house isn't huge or extremely nice, but what matters is that people know they are loved and appreciated and that is one way our family can show that to them. I love parties and am getting better about being the host!
Here is Hallelujah wearing Cadence's princess crown and feather boa! What a good sport!
The funny thing about these two people is that Thomas just quit his job at Big 5 and Hallelujah took his place! Funny coincidence, or not?

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Kristina P. said...

I haven't been to a baptism in ages! What a neat thing!