Monday, February 9, 2009


I love sushi! I love it whole-heartedly! I wanted to make sushi for Chinese New Year, but ran out of time to get the supplies. Chris and I have started "dating" again. We thought it would be good for our marriage. His activity for our last date was going to be a surprise until I saw a sack of sticky rice, chopsticks, wasabi, pickled ginger and roasted seaweed sheets! A "date" that would forever change my life was about to happen!!!
Chris invited Alex and Sterling Fife over for the date. I failed to get a babysitter for the kids so it was more like a family activity. It was so fun and yummy. Sushi is easy to make!!! Sterling and Chris cut the veggies and other food (carrots, avacado, cucumber, cream cheese, raw salmon, halibut and shrimp). The fish we used was what Chris caught in Alaska this past summer!

Then Chris loaded the sticky rice , veggies and fish into a little sushi making contraption I have never seen called a sushezi and squooze it out onto a seaweed sheet. Cadence was loving the sushi night. She kept eating the raw fish and tried stealing the cut sushi rolls.

The dinner was complete with 3 rolls of sushi, rolls, salad, a baked potato, and drinks. Oh so delicious! There is something remarkable about all the flavors and textures found in one little sushi roll when dipped in soy sauce, wasabi and topped with pickled ginger! I'm salavating just thinking about it! There was a lot of laughter that night. Chris is embarrassing! That is all I will say about that! Poor Alex and Sterling learned a learned a little too much about my husband that night!
We enjoyed the sushi night that we decided to do it again the next night. This time I got to make the sushi!!! So fun!
Chris cut it! And all three of us ate it!!! We love eating with chopsticks! Even Cadence figured out how to use them!!! She stabs her food!

I think someone should open a restaurant where you get to make your own sushi rolls! That would be a huge hit! I would go!

I think sushi night will become a monthly tradition!


Kristina P. said...

I love seafood, but I can't stand sushi! I have tried it numerous times, thinking that I haven't tried the right kind, etc., but I just don't like it!

Looks like a fun night though!

Ky and Brod said...

Wow, I didn't know you could make your own sushi. That's cool. I don't love it, I can barely eat salmon, let alone raw fish...

Melissa Ash said...

Disco, been thinking about you lately! I miss you tons! I hope everything is going well! Sounds like you have so much fun as a cute little family! I can't say that I would enjoy eating sushi, but it looks like you have fun making it, and eating it together! I hope all is well! Love ya!

Heather said...

I love sushi. Jason's aunt made it once for us in Denver so I got to help her. It was fun to make. I haven't had sushi for a long time though. I guess we need to invite you over when you come down to Salt Lake again and have your expertise help us make it!

Token Asian Friend said...

I have eaten sushi, but never made it.


You are more Asian than I.

(Have you heard of eel sauce? So good with sushi!!!)

thegardnerthree said...

ooooh yummmmmmmmmmy!