Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sledding Queen

We took Cadence and Cooper sledding yesterday. We've been meaning to do so for the month of January and finally did on the last day of the month. Cooper fell asleep on the way there! Too bad for him. He missed out big time!!!
We drove about a mile from our house to a park on cliffside with big, steep hills.
At first, we showed Cadence a smaller hill on which to sled.
She rode down the hill with Dad the first time and said it was "bumpy."
Then Dad asked her if she wanted to go by herself and she did!
Cadence loved it and wouldn't ride with either o f us again on the smaller hill.
We slid down the hill for about a half hour and then Dad said he wanted to take Cadence down "the big hill."
The hill was a steep, long, monster hill that is so fun...for adults and teens. Notice the little figures at the top of the hill are Chris and Cadence.
I thought if Chris was on the sled with Cadence, they would be ok. They hiked up to the top of the hill and Chris tried to get Cadence to go down with him. She said, "No. You go, Dad." So Chris zoomed down the hill yelling excitedly and hiked back up to Cadence. At the top Chris asked Cadence to go down with him again. This time her reply was, "I am going by myself." Chris agreed. I screamed from the bottom the hill to NOT let her go by herself. I thought it was much too dangerous and scary for a 2 1/2 yr-old. Chris, however, did NOT listen to me and put Cadence on the sled and pushed her down ALL BY HERSELF!!! Once again, Cadence LOVED IT! What a dare devil!!! She asked to go down again by herself and this time I got a video of it. She seriously is a sledding queen!
She talked about it all day Saturday and Sunday, and showed this video to every person who came over. Cadence has asked multiple times to go again. We definitely will and she will definitely continue to be a brave sledding queen!!!


Tara Bergsjo said...

That is so cool that she went down that huge hill by herself! That looks like so much fun!!!

Ker-Dog and the gang said...

That is CRAZY!! What a brave girl. She IS the woman!

Aaron and crystal said...

Where is this park? I would love to take my kids there. You guys look like you had a blast.

Ky and Brod said...

How fun! I need to know the address of this place. I want to go!

Tina said...

We haven't gone this year either. But I think we need to. SO FUN! Cadence is a brave little girl. Those hills look perfect too. I'd also like to know where you were.

Veda said...

That is one cute sledding queen!

Heather said...

Wow, I would say she is a little dare-devil. I can't believe she went down the big hill all by herself. Parker loves sledding too but I don't think he would have done that by himself.