Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easy Canyon

After Cole's baptism, we went to East Canyon for my mom's timeshare. Many of the cousins came up for the day and Cole and Sid stayed overnight. The kids had so much fun playing and running around with the cousins. Cadence is in heaven when the cousins are around.After everyone left except Grammy, we had a nice, relaxing couple of days. It was so refreshing and good for me. Cadence is such a daddy's girl. When he comes home from work, she wants nothing to do with me. Since Cooper was born, our relationship has definitely changed. At East Canyon, Cadence loved me. Dad wasn't around and she played and allowed me to cuddle with her. Her meltdown were fewer and she allowed me to do her hair and get her dressed without as much resistance. She even took some naps! Cadence wanted to play "pretends" instead of watch TV. It was so good for me to see that part of her. I had a lot of fun playing "house" and being the daughter named Cadence while Cadence was the mom. She cooked a lot of pizza making sure to blow on it and cut in before I could pretend to eat it. She swept the floors, cleaned the windows, smashed many bugs and spiders and was a very protective mom. Cadence and Cooper loved the bunkbeds. Even though we didn't sleep in them, we played on the top bunk for hours. We watched the snow fall, played an interesting version of "Go Fish," played pretends, played with the blinds, etc. The bunks were a definite hit!

Cooper has been a bit clingy lately. He lets me know that loves me all day long. I don't know if it is just his age or if he still isn't feeling the best, but there were 2 days he did not want me to put him down. Towards the end, he would sit next to me or pull-up near me. He started to pull-up like crazy, roll around a ton more and started signing "EAT!" Wahoo! Cooper is very close to crawling:(
Some of his happiest moments were when he got a hold of my bag full of ribbons. Happiness is unraveling every roll of ribbon I had.
I even found a little bit of time to sew. I loved it!!! I wish I could find time like that more often.
It snowed most of the time we were there. I brought the snow clothes and we played on the playground, swung on the swings, went on a walk, kicked snow in the river and enjoyed a little bit of time outdoors. Mostly though, our time was indoors being creative. This was an amazing little vacation for us.


Token Asian Friend said...

Wow! Your baby is pulling up? My chubbers is barely crawling! Sometimes he kneels, and he is pretty clingy, too. He signs "more," or it could be him clapping because he knows more is coming!

So, I saw a blast from the past today...Coach Hislop! He wanted me to tell you "hi" and he is still sorry for not letting you run in state.

Speaking of xcountry, did you know Heather H married Renson? Funny, huh?

Mindy said...

I love that you go to east canyon too...Someday...we might be lucky enough to run into each other while there.

Looks like so much fun!

Melissa and Kyle said...

Bunk beds are where it's at for sure! I remember being little, and that was my favorite place to sleep every time we time we went to our cabin.

Amanda said...

michelle you are so in trouble! I can't believe you were here and didn't see me. You better next time! Love you!
PS your kids are ADORABLE!!!

Jennie said...

i can't believe how big your cute kiddos are getting!

Kim said...

How FUN are you?! Serioulsy, every time I 'check-in' on your BLOG you have posted such amazing things. I'm so glad you are so happy and having such FUN with your 2 cute kiddos! They are absolutely darling and I know you are just the BEST mom. We need to come for a visit to Logan sometime :)