Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pets Please

One of our apartments just went up for rent a few weeks ago. The people who had signed a year lease told us they would be moving out after only 5 months. I'm actually glad they broke their lease for certain reasons. They burnt a hole in the carpet, smoked in the apt, put stickers on doors and knobs, and left the remains of a dart board that had been missed many times. I added no dart boards and stickers to the new contract and have bolded NO SMOKING!!! Anyway, we had to paint the living room, replace the carpet and clean. As I was posting the listing on KSL and Craigslist, I wrote "Pets based on references" because I have so many friends that have pets in their houses and I would never be able to tell. (They take good care of them.) At the open house we had, 9 people filled out applications and all 9 of them had pets. The funny thing is that all 9 are the kind of people to whom I would rent. They don't smoke and seem very nice and responsible. The quality of our applicants went up when we let pets be a possibility. So we have officially rented to a very nice young couple with a dachsund. They know we are taking a chance on them. I am excited because they will be better renters than most of the other people to whom we have rented. We had people offer to pay us more every month, a bigger deposit, etc if we would rent to them. What a change!!! I hope when these renters move out that I will advertise "Pets Please!"


Melissa and Kyle said...

I am going to say that renter's with pets are the best kind. Am I a landlord, no - but I used to be a renter with a pet. :)

Aaron and crystal said...

I am a renter with a pet... and can I just say , That I take way more responsibility because of Paco and definitely clean my carpets more than if I didn't have him :)

Jessica Trinkella said...

I agree! Because I have pets I make sure that my apartment is clean. We need more renters like you!