Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Trip To Texas and The Beach

On Wed. we woke up at 5:30am to leave for Texas. Our reasoning was 1-the kids will sleep for a few hours of the 7 hour drive and 2- we will get there mid-day and be able to enjoy a fun day. The decision we made was a good one. The kids slept for about 3 1/2 hours. We only made one stop for about 20 minutes. Cooper only screamed for 1 hour!!! We made it to Rockport in 6 1/2 hours! Great driving Chris!

Upon arrival, we met T.J.'s family (Chris' brother) and Nana and Pap at The Big Fisherman for a fresh seafood lunch. We both got seafood sampler tray with catfish, shrimp, crab, oysters and fries for like $7. Super yummy and fresh since it is a mile from the ocean! If we had been there on Tues/Thurs, we would have got the all-you-can-eat lunch for like $2.55!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After lunch, Cecy (Nana) showed the kids off to her co-workers and we played at T.J. and Janie's house. Cadence hit it off with her cousins Kaitlyn and Courtney. Instant friendship!!! She loved their "treehouse" with a slide coming off it and the swings.
Cooper enjoyed being out of a carseat and swinging with Grammy! The weather was nice and warm! No rain or snow!
We decided to go to the beach later on in the day. I brought Cadence's swimsuit, but she decided she had to wear her cousins' clothes/swimsuit while we were there. Aren't the three girls beautiful beach babes? She HAD to ride in their mini-van. Look at her chillin' in the back! She's so funny!
We drove to Mustang island off of Corpus Christi. To get to the island from Aransas Pass, we had to drive our cars onto a ferry. The girls thought it was cool that cars got to ride on boats!
The beach was quite windy!!! And there were lots of waves! Nobody went in the water past their shorts. The breeze and wet skin don't sound that great! We did have fun playing in the sand, jumping the waves (upto our shorts, gathering small seashells and just loving that it was warm!!! My white legs definitely were attractive and didn't the least bit stand out (yeah, right!)

Oh how I love the beach! Unfortunately for me, I threw up and left the beach a nice present! I didn't take a picture of it (I apologize!) When I woke up, I had that sour stomach taste/burps and I knew that it would be a day of not feeling well. I held in all the yuckiness until we were driving home from the beach. I threw up a total of 3 times this day and I won't go into details on the end:( I didn't let feeling sick spoil my day of vacation!

After the beach, we headed to Nana and Pap's house for a fresh shrimp boil!!! Look at that pot of shrimp. Can you find one much bigger? When Southerners do a boil, they mean business!!!
I refrained from eating due to my stomach which was such a disappointment to me. The shrimp were fresh from the ocean! They boiled them with their heads still on! Look at those plates! Once again, can they seriously get any bigger?

Our day was so fun (minus me feeling sick and a long drive) and tasty. We wish were closer so the girls could play together more than once every other year.


Kristina P. said...

How fun! My brother lives outside of Dallas, and I have never been out there. Maybe this summer!

Miranda said...

Your trip sounds like so much fun! But I bet my white legs are pastier than yours!!

Aaron and crystal said...

Cadence doesn't look to sure of that shrimp in the last picture... It looks like you guys had a very fun time with family!

Jessica Trinkella said...

WHAT?! You went to Texas and didn't stop to see me?! I can't believe it! I'm only a couple hours from Corpus Christi! It sounds like you had a lot of fun!

thegardnerthree said...

man, it sounds like an awesome trip. I love Cadence's face in the shrimp picture- I'm wondering what she's thinking about- maybe it's eyeballs? Looks like Chris has a great and fun family!!