Saturday, April 18, 2009

Grammy's Easter Egg Hunt

The Sunday before Easter, Grammy had the family Easter Egg Hunt at her house. It was fun! Cadence and the cousins enjoyed hunting for candy. She looked high and low, and found lots of treats! With some assistance, Cooper even found some!

They both liked eating/chewing on what was in their basket.

Cadence carried an egg bag and Cooper had a frog bag. Cooper and Cadence both loved swinging in Grammy's big swing. Cooper also enjoyed pulling up to the fence. He is pulling up to anything and everything.

Cadence loves her cousins and going to Grammy's house! How fun is it to have family around!!!

We have talked with Cadence about the real meaning of Easter this year. She knows that Easter is about Jesus and resurrection. Her description of resurrection is "Jesus died. And he came back from alive." I'm sure she doesn't get what that means yet, but hopefully if we keep teaching our kids the real meaning behind holidays and celebrations, they will grow up remembering the important things in life - not just the fairytales and made up versions.


Kristina P. said...

They both look so cute!

Heather said...

I can't imagine finding eggs in your mom's backyard. That is huge! It looked like everybody had a great time. Parker has been on a sugar high everyday and I can't wait until this candy is out of the house!

Mindy said...

What fun...your kids easter baskets are so cute!

Bradshaw Adventures said...

Hey sorry we disappeared on you guys! Things changed quickly at our house. So know I am trying to play blogging catch up and I have to tell you that your kids are strikingly adorable in every way! I had no idea that you had such mad dancing skills-you are such fun talented parents!!! Miss your faces keep in touch-we are offically in Alaska but cell phone is the same 801-941-2163. Love you guys!!!

Tara Bergsjo said...

That looks like fun! I love the kids baskets! And of course your kids are beautiful!!

Katey said...

So cute! I love reading you're blog, life just seems so happy for you. :)