Saturday, December 12, 2009

Advertising Pumpkin Walk

We went to the pumpkin walk with Cadence's pre-school class. Dad wasn't able to make it. The theme this year was advertisements. This definitely wasn't my favorite year. There seemed to be quite a few scenes less normal. However, here are some of my favorites scenes.

M&M's. There was a hidden M&M pumpkin in every scene. It was fun to find it!!! Star Wars! Love these sheep. The heads were pumpkins. The bodies were tumbleweeds.
Michael Jackson and Co. dancing in a Pepsi commercial.
Where the Wild Things Are.
Isn't Max (Cadence) so scary?
This veggie garden was adorable. The peas, corn, cabbage, radishes! I loved them all! I dressed Cooper in his gorilla outfit to keep him warm! Such a cute gorilla!

Cadence was snacking on cheese from a local cheese plant and gingerbread cookie from the Pepperidge Farm plant while getting their picture with the witch who felt like she was Santa. Yummy!

At the end of the walk, there are a whole bunch of these "put your head in these peoples/characters face" things. Anybody know what you call them? Cooper as a runny-nosed Yoda!

Cadence is a princess. She looked beautiful as Cinderella!
A very smart looking Harry Potter.We will be back next year. I hope they have a better theme!

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zeebee said...

Oh I miss the pumpkin walk so much! Thanks for letting me take a little peek. Maybe next year we can go with you!