Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gardner's Village Witch Festival

On our way to Grammy's house, we had a little it of time to blow. I remember reading blogs about Gardner Village at Halloween. We decided to stop. There definitely was something going on. I think it was called the Witch Festival. We all had fun spoting the witches throughout the village.
Can you believe a witch tried to kiss me?
Of course, there were a TON of cute photo opportunities.
The biggest thrill was Cadence getting her face painted. She looked so cute and became such an amazing tiger. Here she is getting it painted.
When she say herself in the mirror, she broke out in a huge smile and then a growl. She growled at people we passed and even made a little boy cry. She loved being a tiger!!!
On the way home, we passed the Jordan River Temple and got a picture of the tiger in front of it!
Washing her face, Cadence looked... interesting!
Of maybe she looked like a thug!
We had a lot of fun with all the women at Gardner Village. Chris was definitely in the minority!


Kristina P. said...

Gardner Village is such a fun place!

Jacqui said...

That's hilarious! Love the 'thug' picture!