Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Goats and The Horse

In the pasture behind our neighbors' house were put goats and a horse a couple of months ago. Cooper wants to see them almost every day. If we are outside and he hears the goats make their sound, he turns to where they are and says, "goos."

During the fall, we fed them the plums and apples that had fallen on the neighbors' laws. The kids love doing this (although Cadence is scared they will bit her hand.) The goats' names are Jack and Jill. We took our downstairs friends over to see the goats. Andrew is such a cute boy. We love it when he plays with us.Unfortunately, the miniature horse is behind the goats pen and so we only look at him from afar. I throw her apples and she appreciates it. Visiting the goats will become a weekly thing when the snow falls! Justin, our neighbor, carves bears out of tree stumps/logs using a chain saw. Cooper loves the two little bears in the backyard right now. He gives them hugs and kisses when we walk pass.

I just wanted to include this picture of the kids with Jack and Piper in their favorite place in the kitchen. Taking the big bins out was a good idea!!! Too bad the garbage cans can't go there anymore!!!


Raelynn said...

You have a BLOG!!! YEAH!! I found you! and super cute BTW!! You and your kids are so CUTE!! and i miss seeing you and hanging out!!

Jennie said...

how cute!!

Kim -today's creative blog said...

You are my new recycling hero! :)

Melissa and Kyle said...

How fun to have animals behind your house like that! I grew up on what I call a "mini farm" and have fond memories of playing with all of the farm animals.