Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas Day!

Christmas morning was so fun! I can't remember a more fun Christmas morning! I think it is more fun to be a mom at Christmas than to be a kid.

We had to wake Cadence and Cooper up and take them downstairs to see what Santa brought. This is what Cadence saw when she came around the corner. She got what she wanted - some blue and green presents!
Excited by all the presents, Cadence didn't know where to start. Actually, she started with the presents that weren't wrapped - the rocking horse and baby crib.
Cooper knew exactly what to do. Chew on the paper with the fun little teeth poking through his gums. (Look at those BLUE eyes! What a hottie!) Cooper was VERY skilled at eating wrapping paper and crinkling it! This was his favorite part of Christmas!
Because Cadence has been quite the "Daddy's girl" lately, Dad assisted her in opening presents and I helped Cooper open his. (I also got to make sure he wasn't swallowing the paper!)

Cadence received many presents because she has been such a good girl. Besides the two prior gifts, she got a princess bedspread and sheets, a tutu, some clothes (from her closet), a spray bottle, a sword, books, art supplies, a mommy/daughter matching Aggie hat (from Dad), foam letter squares, and more. Santa was VERY THRIFTY this year. He made some presents, got some from garage sales/thrift stores, used hand-me-downs and the dollar store. Cooper got some clothes that he is almost already too big for, some chew toys, a NUBY drink/bottle/cup, a sword to fend off his sister, a homemade floor basket and other little toys. He gets to share some of the toys that Cadence claims as hers.

Santa learned that there is such a thing as too many presents. Cadence was "finished" opening presents before they all opened. Overstimulation!

After presents, we ate breakfast and snacked on junk. Chris made pecan pies and some fantastic shrimp dish. We drove through the snow to my sister Sandy's house for a ham dinner. Because it was snowing so badly at her house, we decided to stay the night. We played the Wii and opened presents. We stayed at Grammy's for a few days visiting with friends in the Salt Lake area (my roommate in college, Heather, Jonas, and Todd).
Don't Cadence and Jasmine look like princesses?

After we got back from Salt Lake, Cadence finished opening her presents. Her favorite present was paint and play-do from Mimi. This was a great Christmas!!! Next year will be even more fun because Cadence and Cooper will both "get it" more! Love you Christmas season!


Kristina P. said...

They both look so cute! I'm sure they had an amazing Christmas.

Oh, and shrimp sounds so good right now.

Miranda said...

Sounds like so much fun! I totally agree that Christmas is more fun as a mom! And Andrew has the same outfit that Cooper is wearing in the last pictue - the Dad's Team outfit. So cute!

Roxy said...

What a fun Christmas!! Lots of love from the Carters!

Mary Lampros said...

Gotta love the pink feather boa on your creative!