Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tea Party or Drunken Party?

When Grammy came to stay for a few days while she was off-track, we decided to have a tea party. Instead of a cute little tea set, we use a little Tupperware picture and cups. Since I didn't have many tea parties growing up, I don't really know the proper ettiquette and how to conduct a tea party. The only thing I know about them are to lift your pinky off the glass. I've never drank shots of vodka or even been to a drinking party, but I have a feeling our tea parties are more like what a person would see at a drinking party. This is how they go.

First, Cadence pours everyone a little water into their cup. (Cadence loves that she can do this by herself with one hand. She is such a big girl!) Then, we raise our cups in the air and say a toast - usually it is "To....(fill in with a person's name or something silly in sight).
Afterwards, we touch everyones cups saying "Cheers."
We then proceed to drink the water. The best part is the big "aaaaaahh" after we drink and the pumping our fists in the air making obnoxious sounds. Cadence loves it and so do I. It's a lot of fun. Cooper even likes to get in the action by drinking from a cup. He enjoys pretending to be big enough to drink from a cup without the majority of it spilling down the front of him!
Yesterday, Cadence has Jen, Mariah and Sharlee over for a tea party under the table (while we attended the temple for Thomas' endowment session.) I heard that was a blast too. Sounds even more like drinking party. Isn't there a phrase similar to "I'll drink you under the table!"
Come over for a drinking, I MEAN, a tea party anytime!!!


Tina said...

How on earth do you manage to post so many posts between my visits to your blog? I can't keep up!
Looks like you are doing all kinds of fun things. The cheers picture is cute.

Tara Bergsjo said...

That is so cute! What a fun mom!!

Aaron and crystal said...

That's awesome. You have such great ideas.