Monday, January 5, 2009

Neighbor Christmas Gifts Gone Awry

I am a horrible gift giver. In the past, I just never wanted to do anything because I don't have anything "cool" to give AND I would want to give to 100 people. It just becomes overwhelming!!!

This year, I was actually going to give small gifts to my friends and neighbors, thanks to my friend at Little Birdie Secrets. She posted recipes for hot cocoa mix and PEPPERMINT marshmallows. PERFECT, I thought!!!

Cooper and I made the peppermint marshmallows and they were EXCELLENT!
Licking the bowl was a little tricky because it was marshmallowy, but well worth the effort!

I made the hot cocoa mix and started bagging it. After I got all of it bagged, I decided to try it myself. It was a good thing! It was SO BLAND!!! I just decided not to do gifts because I was upset.

After Christmas, I went back and read the recipe through again and I noticed that I did not put nearly enough cocoa in the water to do any good. I tried it again with the suggested amount and put a marshmallow in and it was SO TASTY!

We were leaving town the next day and so I didn't get to make a cutesy tag with directions and get the packages delivered. It is now January 6 and the marshmallows are getting harder. Should I still deliver them late? If it is really the thought that counts, then my neighbors should appreciate my efforts, right?


Kristina P. said...

This sounds so delicious right now.

Token Asian Friend said...

I don't really get it, but it sounds good. I would hand them out. Right now is a good time for hot cocoa!

This is what I did this year. 3 ingredients: Pretzels, Rolos, and topper of your choice (m&m's, nuts, whatever). Lay pretzels out on a plate, put one rolo on each pretzel. Microwave for 30 seconds. Remove and squish topper on top. Refrigerate. No pans, no oven, that's my style!

Melissa and Kyle said...

I haven't given out my friend/neighbor gifts either! When I didn't get them out by Christmas I decided they would be New Years gifts, and now that it's a week into the new year, I'm thinking I might have to wait for Valentine's Day!

Aaron and crystal said...

It is truly the thought that counts... I mean look at our gingerbread men... :)

Stephanie said...

I tried the same thing and my marshmellows left much to be desired. They were a stick goopy mess. I only had one batch (out of four) that worked. And that was the batch I thought I did wrong!!! I was sure they weren't going to work, but that was the only batch that did work. Most of our neighors got store bought marshmellows... except for the ones that I want to think I have crafty skills... Oh if only they knew the truth, it would be WAY EMBARASSING!