Tuesday, June 2, 2009

10,000 words

Because I am so behind on my posting and because I have so many cute pictures that don't require a whole post, I am going to do what my friend, Tina, does. If a picture is worth 1000 words, then this post must be at least 10,000 words long. (Just a few words or sentences will describe each picture.)

Cooper loves all things...toilet. Yes, the brush, the garbage can, the bowl, the water. Many of these items are now up high or guarded very closely. Don't worry, I wash his hands very thoroughly after toilet encounters!
I LOVE those gorgeous eyes!!!My son, the pole dancer!
How hot is my husband? Cut off PJs, cowboy boots, white shirt and tie, and a 2 liter! Yum!!!
The most decent picture of my two wiggly ones I could get after "real pictures" at JC Penney.
I love the sunlight on the grass and my baby sitting in it!
Cadence starring in "Little Miss Muffet" as the spider. I bought this costume at a garage sale for $1. She loves it and enjoy frightening Miss Muffet away for hours!!!
Cadence having fun with the neighbors, Justing and Ruth! She was pushed around in this old wheelbarrow for quite a while and thought she was a garden princess!
Cooper loves, LOVES, LOVES dogs. He is not afraid of them and tries to pet them as often as he can!
Summer fun with Sadie!!! Swimsuits, running through the sprinkles (or at least acting like it because Cadence doesn't like to get her face wet), and popsicles! The joy of warm weather!!!
Cadence's "boyfriend," Ryan, and his motorized tractor! How sweet!
Is it a cage, a net or a toy? Cadence finds many uses for the net on our trampoline! She loves to jump into it and bounce back!!!

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khadfield said...

LOL, I think that photo of Chris has me scarred! ;)