Monday, June 22, 2009

Rainy Days

June has been an unusually rainy month so far. I haven't watered the lawn yet this year and it is green!!! I haven't irrigated the garden (that I replanted) for at least 3 weeks. I think I love the rain most days!!! We've had fun finding alternative places to play to stay dry and also have had many fun moments in the rain and puddles!!!

As always, McDonald's playplace is a huge hit. Cadence LOVES the cheeseburgers and hot fudge sundaes. We met Jack and Piper out at the Smithfield playplace and had a blast. It was packed because of the rain!!!
Cooper is getting big enough to climb around. I am too big to climb around, but I still do it (carrying Cooper)!!! This time, I cleaned up urine in the playplace. How fun!!! I really love my kids! Cadence (and Cooper) have started attending the Get Ready School program again at the Family Information Center with Jack, Piper and Bridget. (I love this picture of Cadence. I think she looks so pretty.)I'm glad to have this resource close by and FREE!!!! Storytime, activity time, play time and run through the puddle time make it a joyful day! Hosanna, Hallelujah's twin sister, got baptized on Saturday and I offered to have a little get together for her at our house afterwards. I made 48 cupcakes and there were tons of leftovers. Even though it was raining, we walked/rode bikes up and down the street delivering cupcakes to our neighbors. Cadence loved riding her big wheel "bike" in the rain. Cooper enjoyed being strolled through the rain too! I thoroughly enjoyed it also.

We also strolled through the rain-soaked Summerfest looking at half the artists that had stuck it out! Cadence and Cooper found such joy in chasing big bubbles from the bubble tower. I got out a pair of hand-me-down shoes besides "grammy shoes"/crocs for Cadence and she is smitten by them. They are velco and light up when she walks. She wants to wear them all the time now!
We keep walking and playing in the rain and love it. I secretly hope that it rains at least one day a week for the rest of the summer. There are so many exciting activities to do on rainy days - most of which happen outside!

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khadfield said...

Oh you are a goer! I am amazed with all the fun stuff you do with your kids! They are blessed little ones to have you and Chris! What fun!!