Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fishing Fun

We took the kids fishing for FHE last weekend at Mantua Resevior and had a lot of fun. Because I made a new yummy recipe (Chicken with red pepper sauce) and was running behind schedule, we took the dinner there and ate it by our fishing spot. I'm a little worried about Cooper's drinking habits:)
After dinner, we casted our poles in the water. The people next to us said just to drop the line in the little black holes a few inches/feet off shore. We did and Cadence and I caught this little bluegill beauty. It was about 4" long! (It is the tiny black thing by the pole.)
Cooper is refusing to wear shoes (he pulls them off within minutes of getting them on) so I put long leg warmers on him to keep him warm and his feet a little bit protected. There is no hope for us catching fish. He just likes to jerk the pole up and down and all around!
Besides fishing for a few minutes, we walked on the pier/bock dock, threw pebbles in the water, walked the trail to the restroom and acted silly (especially Cadence! - She is so silly these days.)

Chris turned a chair bag into the fishing pole carrier and Cadence likes to assist in carrying the supplies to and from the car.
Cadence used to love to drive the car when she was younger and she is now teaching Cooper how to drive! They love the buttons, knobs and steering wheel. Cadence also enjoys putting coins and objects she finds in the windows and CD player:(
They also love smooshing their face in the window and blowing!

What cute little blowfishes!

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