Monday, June 15, 2009

Pool Parties

The kids love to play with water. Bathtime is one of their favorite times. They love to splash and sump water. I decided to get out the little pool we gave Cadence last year. They are loving playing with it, but necessarily IN it!!!

Cooper thoroughly enjoys playing with the hose and filling the pool! He feels very powerful when holding a hose with running water!
Cadence does NOT enjoy being stung/bit by a hornet while playing by the pool! She got an ouchie on her chin and cried very hard.
Chris and I were trying to think what to put on a sting to make it feel better and we found the perfect remedy!!! THREE popsicles - one right after the other! (Chris' idea!) A very happy little girl!
We've had a couple of impromptu pool parties. The kids go outside, see the water and can't help but play with the pool. Soon all the neighbors are over wading, dumping and splashing. We've called friends over too play too. These pool parties are great social events for the kids (and us moms!!!)
With all the filling of cups and dumping of water, the dirt in the flower beds turns to mud! My kids are INFATUATED with MUD and getting dirty!
I usually let Cooper wear just a regular diaper. He has 3 swimsuits, but he gets so dirty I just let the diaper be his summer swim attire (in this pool). I love his huge, bloated diapers! Oh, what a cute bum!
While we are outside playing, Cooper has to get his fix of climbing the stairs! Up he goes (10 times)!!! I adore this pose! He looks like such a muscle man!
Of course, pool parties and summer time also means popsicle party time! We love cold fruity snacks.


Kristina P. said...

Has it been warm and dry enough for the pool? It's so cold right now!

Mindy said...

Seriously..been awhile since I have seen your blog. You are such a fun mom. I cant believe all the fun things you guys have been up too!! LOVE IT!

Aaron and crystal said...

WOW. Chelsea came to pool party without me, I am jealous . You kids are growing up so fast. I love how much personality they both have :)

Jen said...

Those mud pics are so cute!

khadfield said...

Hee hee! I love that little Coop!

Lisa Montsion said...

I love pool parties too and I'm way older then these kids.