Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Park Play

Since Cadence's school got out about 8 weeks ago, we have been going to Bridget's ward playgroup at the park. They have like 10 parks that they visit 3 times each from the spring until school starts again. Cadence needs playmates and Cooper and I need to get out (and have some adult conversation.) This playing in the park fulfills all those needs.
Cadence loves Jack, and his mom, Heidi, brings him and Piper to the playgroup too. We are the "outsiders." I labeled myself as that, not Tina's ward ladies! Cooper really enjoys playgrounds. There are so many things for him to pull upto and hold onto while he is learning to walk.
He loves swings. Look at that smile on his face! Priceless!
We walk to the park by our house a couple of times a week, but it is very good for us play at the many different parks around Logan. There are many different playgound items at all the different parks. Cadence likes to climb this climbing wall (with a little bit of help.)
The kids even will swing together when the other swings are occupied. For the most part, they get along quite well. Cooper likes to pat/hit Cadence as a way to play with her and she doesn't like it. She is too motherly and concerned sometimes. I tell her not to be a "bossy boss."
Cooper doesn't mind sitting on the ground. Why? Easy acces to woodchips to put in his mouth!
Both kids find it therapeutic to play in the sand. My favorite part is taking off Cooper's diaper when he gets home and finding it FULL of sand!!! The same with Cadence's pockets!!!
Cooper is getting around so fast these days. he climbs all over the place and I get to watch him very closely because he seems to have no fear! He is ALL boy!
We are all glad we Tina invited us (and Jack) to join her ward's park group! It is a breath of friendship and sanity each week. We love to play at parks!!!


Tina said...

We are also glad that you guys come. The more kids the merrier, I say! I hope you don't really feel like an outsider - we are all glad that you guys can come.

Ky and Brod said...

How fun! I really hope I can find things like this when I have kids or I'm going to go crazy being a stay at home mom!