Thursday, July 23, 2009

Redneck BBQ

My next few posts are all out of order chronologically. Bare with me as I attempt to just get all our important activites down even if they aren't in order!!!

Yesterday, we had our REDNECK BBQ. During the event, I decided to make it an annual event! After passing out fliers to our neighbors, friends and some people from our ward, we had about 70 people show up from ages 12 months to 84-yrs-old!!!They were told to BYOM (meat to BBQ), a side to share, and something on which to sit! We supplied the utensils, paper products, condiments, water and yard full of mowed weeds! There were two large BBQ full of meat, 3 card tables full of food and various items in which to sit - camp chairs, buckets, blankets, tarps, couches with mismatched cushions, garage sale chairs that need to be refinished, etc. The drinks were poured from a gaslike container! Truly chaotic and redneck!
A few dressed as rednecks. Our next-door-neighbors, the Sanfords, were amazing and stole the show! I think they should be rednecks all the time. Cameron w/ his bubba teeth looking at me with cross-eyes!
Sweet Sadie with her sweet smile!
Angie and Josh are romantic rednecks! What a... stunning couple! Angie is holding the sign she won from me that says, "If your smokin' in here, you better be on fire!"
And, a partial family picture with Tristan in it! The background is our redneck porch! What a backdrop for these pictures! Oh, the joy!!!!
As is often the case, I forgot to get a picture of the 4 of us together. Luckily, Tangi grabbed the camera while I was holding Cooper and Cadence. I wore my plus size tattered paint shorts (held up by a belt) a paint t-shirt, greasy hair and blacked out a tooth using....a Reese's PB cup wrapper. Cadence had crazy hair and a blacked out tooth and Cooper just ran around in his diaper! Chris wore a do-rag and blacked out a tooth! I need to make better outfits for next year.
Katie and Crystal got their redneck on! Love the mullet!!!!
I gave away prizes for those who dressed up - sunflower seeds, roach spray, signs with redneck sayings ("hot and beer on tap here, "my other car is a piece of junk," etc.), bubba teeth, toothbrushes, mouthwash, deodorant, fried pork rinds, and a dog statue. We sang "Happy Birthday" to Cadence and Cooper since this was their neighborhood party and I make 2 dozen cupcakes to eat. Next year, I want to have people tell redneck jokes and "You know you're a redneck if..." statements. As I was preparing for the evening, I kept making up "You know your a redneck statements that applied to our family. Here are some of them: You know you're a redneck if...
-your house has 6 different colors of paint on it.
-your TV costs more than your car.
-you hang your clothes to dry on a clothes line in your laundry room.
-your driveway is gravel and woodchips
-you have lived in a barn (for two years!!!)
-you live in a basement apartment while you rent out the top.
-you still wear the clothes you wore in high school 15 years later
-your lawn is just mowed weeds
-your TV is larger than your dining room table
The list could go on and on. We truly are rednecks!!!

The only thing missing was not being able to put food on the tailgate of Chris' truck. It was in the shop:( The trampoline was a main attraction. The 20+ kids in attendance went crazy in there!!!! Luckily, no one got hurt! After everyone left and we got cleaned up, Chris jumped in the Big Little pool with the kids! Cooper went skinny dipping!!! Naked is what rednecks do! Totally appropriate. They loved laying back with their life jackets on!
I can't wait to make next year's BBQ bigger and better!!!


someotherjohnnies said...

Looks like you guys had a good time at your party...I kept looking to see if any of my other relatives were If you've ever used duct tape for permanent repair in your might be a redneck. If the antennea on your truck is bigger than the one on your might be a redneck. If you go to the hardware store to buy a new bathtub and when asked for the size you need you say might be a redneck. Okay, I know I'm full of those..takes one to know one I guess.

Tara Bergsjo said...

We all had a great time! Thank you so much for both nights. We really enjoy hanging out with you guys!!

Ky and Brod said...

That was so much fun! Thanks for the invite, sorry we had to leave early. I love how creative and fun you guys are!

Katey said...

You simply amaze me!

Becky Shuler said...

This is hilarious! By the way, I am Mary Wood Lampros' sister - Becky Wood Shuler. Chris and I were friends in Louisiana. Tell Chris I said hello. You have a beautiful family. I am so happy for you. Love, Becky

Miranda said...

It sure sounded like you guys were having fun! We're sorry we couldn't make it, but we just had WAY TOO much to do before leaving town that night! There's always next year!

thegardnerthree said...

What a FABULOUS party! Thanks for being such fun and awesome neighbors! We are STOKED for next years shindig!!!

Lisa Montsion said...

Kids love Banquets and so do I.