Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The End Result

The end result of the mudslide/canal break was this: 3 people lives lost, one house completely destroyed, three other houses damaged (and full of mud and rocks), an irrigation system that keeps filling up with silt and mud, and more awareness of the dangers that exist on that hill and the canal systems in Utah.
No one is claiming responsibility and many people want to blame someone or something other than "an act of nature" or "an act of God." Did God cause this? I can't really answer that for sure, but I think He allows natural consequences to happen. In this case, it sounds like there were many contributing factors to this tragedy. Our church building no longer has the victims' families living in it, or is the camp out for the media. It is a place of worship and today I get the blessing of organizing the compassionate service lunch for the victims' families after their funeral (even though they are Catholic). Religion doesn't matter because we are all God's children. We wanted them to feel more love and know that many of us care about them and their situation.
The landslide! There used to be a house there. There used to be a cement canal, a walking/jogging trail and a steep incline. Now there is just a reminder to this incident and a canal that no longer delivers water to farmers.
The house to the right of landslide. It is full of mud and rocks as high as two or three feet. ARS says it will cost $30,000 to $40,000 to repair it. The city hasn't determined if it was structurally damaged or if it is safe for it to be lived in again.
The duplex to the left of the landslide. Chris was called in to remove mud and dirt from the basement apartment. He said it was about 9"-12" deep. The basement has been gutted and has not been determined if it is inhabitable again.
Let this be a reminder of the need to have an emergency 72 hour kit. When they uncovered the victims' car, it was full of clothes and different personal items. It was believed that after the landlord told them to leave, they kept going in the home to recover their stuff. They were obviously in it when the fast mudslide/canal broke. They had no chance to get out! No chance to live!
Rest In peace.


Kristina P. said...

I've been thinking of you guys, when watching the news. What a tragic situation. I am glad you guys are OK.

Todd and Lilly Corbett said...

Thank you Michelle. How sad for the family. yes the prophets continue to tell us to be prepared, to have those 72 hour kits and we continue to think "it wont happen to me" but it could. We need to get our updated! Thanks for the reminder.