Friday, July 10, 2009

Patriotic East Canyon

My mom usuaaly reserves her time share at East Canyon over the 4th of July. On the 2nd, we watched the fireworks with the Fredricksons out in Hyrum. Cadence was afraid of the noise and Cooper stared in amazement. On Friday, we packed up the car and headed to East Canyon. Syd and Cole were there and Cadence was so excited to be with her cousins. They went swimming and played together all evening. After a dinner of Rib-eye steak, everyone played a killer game of Monoply.
In the morning, we filled our bellies with pancakes, eggs, bacon and potatoes at the 4th of July breakfast. Because it was Cadence's THIRD birthday, she opened her presents and played with the ballons and blowers(?).
Her cousins had to leave and on a little "hike" we went!
Cadence was brave to sit on this fence all by herself. (Part of the resort is in the background.)
That day we swam, tried to go fishing (but got attacked by mosquitos), played we Cadence's presents, explored the playground, talked with Zazu, and just had fun! In the evening. we drove to Henefer for fun fireworks. (I don't know why this picture is sideways!)
Sunday morning we drove home because Chris had to teach a lesson at church. Vacations are so much more exciting and busier with kids!!!


Kristina P. said...

I love that family picture!

It would be better naked.

Mindy said...

I loved visiting with you!! Looks like you guys had a great time.