Thursday, July 2, 2009

Swimming at Snowbird

A couple of weeks ago, my mom had her timeshare week at Snowbird. I've been going to Snowbird the third week in June since I was a baby. All of us went to relax on Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures with Chris there! Chris had to work on Monday so we drove back with him and left after playgroup (at our house on Tuesday). The kids and I had so much fun!!!

Cadence and Cooper got to play with two of their favorite cousins (Cole and Syd) on Sat and Sun.

They went swimming together and played at the park. Cooper loved the kiddie pool because he could stand and walk by himself. The water made it easy for him to hold up his weight and maintain his balance. He was more confident walking when he was holding onto a noodle or in a floating donut!

On Tuesday, we brought our other fun cousins (Maddie and McKinley) down with us to stay until Friday night. Party!!! Much of our time was spent in the pool. Cadence actually got her face wet without crying! She was much more daring than last year. She wasn't clingy and wanted to go in the deep end! She still won't put her face IN the water. Maybe next year!

Cooper got his face wet too. He liked to splash. I put him underwater a few times. He didn't freak out, but he didn't seem to like it either. The pool is so much fun!

We hiked too! We definitely had to walk/hike to "Look Out Point" and get our yearly picture. The weather was good this day. (It rained a few of the other days we were there.) So beautiful!
While we were there, Cadence, Maddie and McKinley went exploring! They found this pile of sticks to climb in. Cadence did not like the ants she would see on the ground. She took off running once, tripped and skinned her knee. It was traumatic for her!!!!

We also played on the playground more! The swings were awesome because it was an all-ability playground. Cooper enjoyed driving the car and attemping to climb the slides.
The most fun activity and newest addition to Snowbird is the mining activity. We bought two big bags of dirt/gems and poured them into the contraptions that one puts in the running water. The water sifts the small dirt pieces out and leaves the larger gems and minerals. The girls loved finding and sorting the gems. Cooper just loved playing in the water. This is such a good idea! I wish I would have started the company that sets these mining mills up!

Cooper also loved this large stuffed dog that we passed in the Snowbird Center several times. He gave it lots of slobbery kisses and darling squeals!

Grammy brought some paint and other activities for inside the condo. Cooper found the paint and enjoyed fingerpainting!!!
I brought my sewing machine and sewed almost 30 bandana dresses. I didn't get them all the way finished, but I made A LOT of progress!
The last evening we were there, Snowbird held a "Grill On The Hill" BBQ contest. The kids stopped at the arts and crafts booth. Afterwards, we walked upto where the food and beer (of course) were. The band started playing and Cadence started dancing!!! In front of everyone! She was so cute! Maddie joined her and so did I. You gotta love that Cadence is following my footsteps of being a crazy dancer in the front of crowds!!!
We've been home for 2 weeks and Cadence is still talking about Snowbird! Oh, how we love thee! I enjoyed this year much better than last year. I kept thinking back to how my body felt like exploding with Cooper 2 weeks away from popping out! We are excited about next year!!!


Kristina P. said...

I've always wanted to stay up there in the summer. I attend a conference there every May, and it's gorgeous!

Tara Bergsjo said...

That looks awesome!!