Friday, July 31, 2009

Cadence's First Friend Birthday Party

On Monday, July 20, Cadence had her first birthday party. It was going to be a week earlier, but due to my Aunt Delpha's funeral and the flood, I had to delay it one week. This was Cadence's first "friend" birthday party. Like usual, I had an internal debate if I should do one at all, who should I invite, should I keep it small or make it big, am I going to offend and make kids sad by not inviting them, how over the top or just normal should I do it...etc. This is what I decided (and please do not be offended if you child was not invited). Cadence and I chose the friends she plays with most often throughout the whole year who were between the ages of 2 1/2 and 4. There were 8 kids that fit into that criteria and it was still a few more than I hoped or planned. Cadence has SO MANY friends!!!! I wanted to keep it small, but it turned out perfect. These are 6 of the kids that came. Bridget, Parx, Zander, Cooper, Cadence, Jack, Piper and Ryan. Charles and Sadie joined us a little later!

Aren't they a cute bunch? Jack is so funny in pictures. As you can tell, it was a water party and they were in their swimsuits. I think this is cute enough to make the cover of the swimsuit edition of a magazine.We started off playing some games. The first game was Duck, Duck, Goose. The kids knew they were the goose when water was dumped on their back. I thought this would be so fun. When I was teaching SPED, we would play this with popping a water balloon over the head and it was the most loved game every. At this party, some of the kids didn't love this game:(
The next game was London Bridges Falling Down. The kids were supposed to run through the little pool and under the squirting hose. This was NOT a success either. A few of the kids participated and others didn't. I found if the kids were afraid of water or didn't like getting their face wet, they didn't want to play this game.
All the kids liked getting a few water balloons to play with and be mommies and daddies to. The favorite part was just throwing the balloons down and watching them pop!!!
After those games, the kids could either jump on the tramp with a sprinkle tied to one of the post
or get in the bigger pool we just set up in the backyard (this was generously given to us by Chris' brother in Texas). The kids loved both of these water activities!!!While they played, Chris cooked lunch. I chose a very extensive, expensive, healthy menu:) Hot dogs, cheesy curls, and pop! What a party planner!
Following the consumption of food, we opened presents. I wrote on the invitations to please bring INEXPENSIVE presents because, like most kids, Cadence plays with many toys a few times and then either forgets about them or is bored with them. Her favorite thing to play with is people!!! Cadence received amazing presents!!! Art supplies, books, a doctor kit, a 4ft princess statue to color, princess jewelry and hair supplies and others! What great friends!!!
After the presents, came the cupcakes. I was going to make a layered rainbow cake, but based on the ages of the kids and the time involved, I just made cupcakes which I think turned out much better. No spoons, plates, etc. Cadence was so excited to blow out the #3 candle!!!
The last activity the kids participated in was where Cadence gave them all a gift for coming to her party. I can't decide if it was a flop or if it was fun. I think it went a little long. I had 8 little presents that were wrapped from 2 to 7 times. We played musical presents. One present at a time was passed around. When the music stop, the kid holding it unwrapped one layer. When the last layer was unwrapped, the child got to keep that present.
All the kids got party blowers, stickers, their little present and hopefully had fun! I have a lot to learn about throwing kids' parties. Thanks for coming y'all. Cadence loved her party!


Tina said...

I know Bridget had a great time! Happy Birthday again to Cadence!! (BTW... I love that last picture with the party blowers!)

Debbie said...

Happy Belated Bday Cadence! What a fun day!

Tara Bergsjo said...

Ryan loved your party! You did a great job!