Sunday, September 7, 2008

Amazing Entreprenuerial Friends

I have some very amazing high school friends. I had two main groups with whom I "hung out." There was a group of very crazy guys and a group of talented, smart, creative, beautiful ladies. The guys are married with children working in careers like being a pharmacist, pilot, painter, computer programmer, and who knows what else. My lady friends, on the other hand, are more amazing!!! They are wives, mothers and entreprenuers. My friend, Mandy, has started the most amazing craft/recipe/fun blog there is. I check it everyday and I am going to bust out my sewing machine because of the inspiration I've received from her posts. They have free give aways often, (ONE THIS WEEK). Go to: Little Birdie Secrets
to see more. My other friend, Debbie, has started her own business of making and selling baby (and mommy) jewelry, but more specifically, Cambodian jewelry. She has made it "big time" and has the movie stars knocking down her door for her product. To see more go to:
Baby Emi Jewelry
While I am promoting them, my friend from Oakcrest, Jen started a baby bow and clothing business. Her website is: Baby Blvd./
Lastly, a crafty girl I met through Chris, Heidi, has a blog about infertility. If this subject interests you, you can visit her website at: Hope For Motherhood/.
She also sells crafts at: Lemon Drop Crafts.
I also have friends who do Stampin' Up (KimberLeigh), MaryKay (Heidi) and photography (Tina) if any of you are interested in those things. Did I leave anyone out?
I love seeing women and mommy entreprenuers. I want to be one, but I lack the guts and confidence. I, however, do have an idea that I am pursuing. We will see if this is my million dollar idea of which I am always searching. Now that I am a stay-at-home mom, I still feel restless to do something - to contribute, to do more. We will see what happens.

Thanks Tina for showing me how to link these to the other webpages!!!

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Eden said...

Thanks for all the fun links. Amazing! Disco - I just want to tell you that you ARE making a difference in two little people's lives: your children! To them you are the world. I'd say you are contributing. I admire you and look up to you and MISS you and the good old days at Oakcrest. Hope all is well. Love you tons,