Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cadence's First Day of "School"

Because Cadence is such a good talker and is so outgoing, she has many older friends. Some are in pre-school, Kindergarten, elementary and some in college (like many of our neighbors.) She often asks, "Where's (insert a name)?" I will often tell her, "At school."

Knowing that I will need to get out of the house in the winter, but not being able to go on walks very easily due to the snow, I've been looking around for fun things to do indoors. I checked up on "storytime" at the Family Information and Resource Center about a half mile from our house and they told me about a new program they are starting called Ready! Set! School! for kids younger than kindergarten age. I signed her up for school!!! It is one hour a week and FREE! They gave her a school bag with crayons, scissors (yikes), a pencil and a few other things. She was very excited!!!

Last Wednesday, we walked to school in the stroller. Half way there, Cadence HAD to walk by herself holding her schoolbag. She holds her arm up high so her bag won't touch the ground.

She likes her "school" (a portable) in back of "Mom's school" (where I taught my first three years) and likes to play on the playground.

She has two friends in her class, Bridget and Jack. I told many people with kids about it!!! This is Bridget and her mom, Tina!
For their first lesson, they learned about clean and dirty hands, handwashing and germs. Cadence also used scissors for the first time. (I'm nervous about the scissors. The last thing I want is for Cadence to cut her hair!!!) We are excited for the next 20 lessons!!! Cadence is such a big girl!


Tara Bergsjo said...

How fun! When I took Nicole to her first day of preschool the other day, Ryan wanted to stay. he was kicking and screaming when I made him leave. I was so sad for the rest of the day. I NEED him to be my baby a little bit longer, so he will have to learn from me, so I don't have a breakdown!! Cadence looked so big walking down the street with the huge bag. Oh, yeah, Ryan loves to use scissors. ( he doesn't have hair I need to worry about) But Nicole cut her hair when she was around 2 so be careful!!

Tina said...

Cute! I'm excited to see how the next couple of weeks turn out there. Bridget is also excited to go to "school" - that's actually my post for today. lol!
I told a couple of other friends about it too... so they'll probably come this week.

Can you send me that last picture? I only took a couple of Bridget... should have taken a few more.

amelia - paul - fran said...

That picture of Cadence with her arm in the air is priceless.

Bamamoma said...

What a cool thing. What an adorable girl.

Camille said...

Crazy geese! Man I love how much you post!!! I was going to call and tell you that Charles and I will be at school on Wednesday and so excited to see Cadence, you, Cooper, and Moby. :)

Mindy said...

You and your family are so cute! I LOVE the excitement of the first day of school. I'll have to look into something like that for Jane, since she is crazy about school and when my older kids go each day, we have to play "school" too! Sounds like Cadence is super fun and ready to be grown up!

Brian and Jaime said...

I love your blog. It is alway so cute, your adorable kids just make it so easy. You are so lucky to have such a beautiful family. I think it is great for Cadence to go to school. How fun!!! I bet she loves it.

katie gardner said...

Cute, cute, cute! Cadence is such a brigh, darling, photogenic girl!!! We love school too.

Ky and Brod said...

That's so awesome, how fun for her! I hope I'm one of her "college friends" :)

Katey said...

Ok so I know you commented on my blog FOREVER ago but I'm finally just getting to checking your blog out and responding back.

Holy Cow - you have TWO kids! I can't believe how the time has flown by. Cadence is adroable with her little school bag. I love that first picture - PRICELESS!!!

Little Cooper is so cute too! It looks like life is treating you well. I have enjoyed reading your blog to catch up on what's been going on with you! :)

Luke & Natalie said...

Michelle, she is so adorable! That is so funny that she holds her bag up. Say hi to everyone for us. Hope to see you soon