Thursday, September 18, 2008

McDonald's Playland Is NOT for Adult's

While at Grammy's house, we visited the near-by McDonald's for $1 hot fudge sundaes and playland fun! Cadence knows that if we are going to "Old McDonald had a farm" (as she refers to it), a hot fudge sundae we be ordered and she will eat more than half of it - and get a hot fudge mustache in the process. We both love ice cream!!!
Cooper, of course, just sits and watches us eat ice cream. Sometimes, he drools -like in this picture! He is already counting down the months until turns one and can eat ice cream.
When Cadence was finished with the ice cream, she entered the gigantic playland for some little people fun. (The McD's on 10600 S. and 13th E. in Sandy has a huge playland - much better than Logan or Smithfield.) She loved jumping on this round piece of plastic thing!
Since Cadence was the only kid in the playland, I decided to join her. I definitely don't want my daughter to be lonely. BIG MISTAKE!!! Every time I join in the "fun" I remember that it isn't fun for me and that I am much too BIG! We climbed through the maze. My knees ached with discomfort from the hard plastic. I don't know if it was the wear and tear from sports and running or if I am just getting OLD, but my knees hurt when I kneel. I talked Cadence into going down the very twisty slide with me. My body almost broke in two going around the curves and I got a nice, little plastic burn on elbow. I was too tall to sit all the way up and did not enjoy the ride!But, because I attempt to be a good sport, I forced myself to smile for this picture!!! I didn't want to spoil the excitement for Cadence.
After this ride, I just sat in the entrance and watched her be cute and crazy. Anyone, please do me a favor. Next time I decide to enter a McD's playland, remind me that it is for little people - NOT old, tall people like me!!!(We are still working on the sitting lady-like concept!!!)


Jacqui said...

Very cute! I laughed because after going to the temple, we picked up Braxton at McDonald's, who was with some friends. My friend was 7 or 8 months pregnant at the time and had to go to the top to get Braxton...he couldn't figure out how to get down. I later had to go get him in my dress...I too had a hard time with the lady-like concept. Playland is for the little tykes!!

Debbie said...

You are such a good sport! I would love to see you go down that slide with your girl! I have honestly wanted to go up in the play gyms with my girls but haven't allowed myself to indulge. So, cute! Cadence is a beauty and I love that name.

Brian and Jaime said...

This is so funny. I absolutly love that you were in PLAYLAND!!!

Camille said...

I love it! I am just glad you got out ok. I get stuck, usually and claustrophobia sets in.