Friday, September 5, 2008

Two Free Hands and Attacks of the Geese

Somedays I go crazy because I don't have two hands available to do some of the things I want and need to do. I can't hold Cooper, play with Cadence and cook at the same time. I've tried my Infantino carrier already and it was so uncomfortable and nearly impossible to get on and off. My friend, Amelia, has this wrap called a Moby that she let me try on and I LOVED IT!!! I kept trying to figure out how to get one without paying full price. Making one was my first option, but that didn't work. To make a long story short, my friend Heidi had an extra one and I bought it from her for less than full price. (Unfortunately, Chris ordered one for me without telling me so now I have an extra one. If anyone wants one, let me know! I will sell it for less than full price to you!) I finally have 2 hands free and am comfortable carrying Cooper around with me on long outings!!!

A happy mother and son!!! I can take my own pictures!!!
The other night, we took Cadence and Cooper to First Dam to feed the ducks and geese. I actually got to participate instead of just sitting there and holding Cooper. HOW FUN!
Cadence and Dad were quite comfortable feeding the geese sitting down until one came up from behind and attempted to steal bread right from Cadence's hand. The geese can be a little aggressive. Cadence didn't really enjoy this and was scared. Dad slapped it away!
So Cadence stood up to feed the ducks/geese and to tell them to "stay away." They still wanted to attack.
She finally ended up on Dad's shoulders to be safe from the geese and to put her mind at ease.
We love being outdoors as a family and enjoying God's creations. Peering into the water, we looked for fish. Some people had caught oneand put it on the dock. It flopped wildly while Cadence looked at it. She screamed, cried and jumped on Dad. "It's scary. The fish scared me" is what she talked for a few minutes.
We are a happy family!
I can't seem to get enough pictures of Cadence and Cooper.


Kim said...

I love your cute family. You guys look very happy and are always out doing fun things. I can't see enough of the Cadence and Cooper pictures so keep taking them...

Tina said...

Looks like fun. Those geese can be mean though. No wonder Cadence didn't want them to come near her.

mandy said...

I remember going there with my grandparents when I was little! How fun. I'll have to take my boys there when we come for the marathon! Your kids are so dang cute!

Tara Bergsjo said...

That is to cute! I loved the picture of daddy saving Cadence! We love feeding the ducks, but sadly we have been to busy to do it! The wrap looks cool. I bet it is nice to be involved a little more!

Aaron and crystal said...

You are always doing such fun things with your children. I love to see it. I love the one of cadence in the tree.

Troy and Jen said...

I made myself a "moby" and LOVE it too. It's so comfy and fun. definitely nice to have both hands free :) Cute pictures!