Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pre-school Play Group

I was asked by a girl in my ward if I wanted Cadence to be in a play group for the school year with some other kids who have older siblings. Due to their siblings being in school, they feel left out and want to go to "school" too. Our play group is their "pre-school." Every week, we do an activity with one letter of the alphabet and then let the kids play and socialize. I guess it is similar to Joy School. There are supposedly 5 2-yr-olds in the group, but only 3 have come the two weeks we've had it.
This is Lauren, Evan and Cadence. We take turns having the kids at our house for an hour and a half. Cadence is really enjoying it so far. I was in chargs of the group last week and the biggest thing I learned is that 2-yr-olds only have a 5 minute attention span. We probably did 20 different activities in the 90 minutes the kids were at our house!!! Ya gotta love it!


Tara Bergsjo said...

That is so cute! Cadence looks very happy!

Bamamoma said...

yeah, you gotta love the short attention spans. I've finally convinced Phil that our FHE lessons can't be more than 2-5 minutes. He gets it now and gives great lessons. I love playgroups too. Eden usually ends up being the youngest but she enjoys it anyway and I love the association with the other moms!

You are a good mommy and your kids are adorable and Chris is one lucky guy.