Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Advocate for Insulation... and Other Things

Last week, the insulation people came and... insulated our attic. After 90 years of existence, this house finally has some insulation. When I look at the insulation it had, I realize there was nothing there!!! . (Before)
The insulation has made a huge difference!!! We don't freeze on the top floor where the toy room and kids bedrooms are located. The rebate was almost half of the total cost! I figure it will save us tons of money over the next 30/40 years because we won't have to use space heaters as much. We won't have to wear our coats and hats up stairs either! If you have an older house and it costs a lot to heat, check into new insulation and the rebate. It is definitely worth it!
This is one of the closets we expanded. It is about 2 1/2 times bigger than it used to be. You can see the where the old hardwood floor meets the new OSB. Cadence's closet is about 10 times bigger than it previous was!

In addition to advocating for insulation, I also endorse peppermint ice cream:), garage sale/thrift store shopping, boneless skinless chicken, current gas prices ($1.45), sales at JoAnn's fabric, and being parents to two sweet kids!


Kristina P. said...

Peppermint ice cream is delicious! Glad you are warm now!

Mick and Tiff said...

gas today in SLC- $1.36 Yipee!

thegardnerthree said...

I love peppermint ice cream especially in hot chocolate AND I love Michelle JOhnnie.